• Project Bio – Sunnyside Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Owner – Lake Stevens Sewer District
  • General Contractor/Construction Manager:  Hoffman Construction
  • Location: Lake Stevens, WA.
  • Completion:  Ongoing

Construction of interior and buried process piping systems for a new $96.8 Million sewage treatment facility utilizing Membrane Bioreactor technology (MBR) consisting of: Piping systems for the Headworks, Influent Screenings, Primary Clarifiers and sludge pumping; Gravity Thickener, Aeration Basins blower, air diffusion and jet mixing systems; MBR equipment, Mixed Liquor pumping system; Digesters and solids treatment, digester waste gas systems, digester heating and plant heating systems that utilize digester gas and natural gas burning systems.  Including all associated plumbing and plumbing for a new Administration Building, HVAC equipment and piping, and chemical treatment facilities throughout the job.