3D Modeling

BIM Coordination

Building coordination is an excellent service available to owners and builders which brings together all key players on the project with the intent of establishing hierarchies, system access, functionality, and seeks to answer questions before they become issues on site. Through our specialized coordination process we can help to lead architects through the design stage by establishing mechanical requirements early in the process so as to minimize the impact on the design intent. Additionally we identify and resolve clashes between trades, establish maintenance access zones & identifying V.E. opportunities.

We are experienced in the installation of the following types of plumbing and piping:

  • Cast Iron Soil Pipe (Hubless and bell and spigot)
  • Ductile Iron Pipe (Flanged, grooved, and mechanical joint)
  • Copper Tube (Sweat, sil-brazed, flared, grooved, and press-fit)
  • Carbon Steel (Welded, grooved, flared, and screwed)
  • Stainless Steel (Welded, grooved, flared, and screwed)
  • PEX
  • PVC, CPVC, ABS, Polyethylene, Kynar, Polypropylene (Solvent welded, fused, screwed, grooved, and mechanical joints)
  • Aluminum Tube (Compression or flared)
  • Fiberglass (Hand lay-up, flanged, and grooved)

We draw on strong management expertise, quality people and the support of our entire organization to insure the success of each and every project.

  • Relationships— We begin each project by establishing a dialogue between all involved parties outlining expectations and requirements for the project, setting schedules. With our early design approach we can work in tandem to preserve design intent without sacrificing the functionality or efficiency of the mechanical systems.
  • Project parameters— Our staff is well-versed in mechanical design that meets all building codes and state regulations for any new project, including the Seattle Energy Code and regional variations and interpretations of the code.
  • Communication— Our 3D coordination tools allow us to identify potential issues and opportunities before the building is built. This results in organized routing of building services that maximize system efficiency, ease of maintenance and overall functionality.
  • Material Management— The purchase order process is integral to planning the project so that all materials are on hand, when and where we need them. We focus on just-in-time delivery along with prefabrication to ease installation and maximize quality.
  • In-house resources— Pre-fabricating some or all parts of key units in our shop reduces installation time and ensures a consistent, functional product.
  • Deadlines— All tools and vehicles are company-owned and our crews are flexible and readily expandable to meet even the tightest of timelines.